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JDM Universal Adjustable Long Bumper Lip Support Rods

Part Number: JDM1-ROD

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JDM Universal Adjustable Bumper Lip Support Rods

  • Easy To Fit
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel
  • Compact Light Weight Design
  • Fully Articulated Top And Bottom Joints Which Allow Them To Be Installed At Any Angle
  • Lenght Adjustable
  • 29cm Long When Not Adjusted
  • Suitable To Fit Most Vehicles
  • Available In Silver,Red,Blue & Black
  • Product Will Require Drilling Holes Into The Bumper And lip /diffuser Inorder To Be Attach Saftly To The Vehicle
  • Sold As A Pair

These Support Rods Are Used To Reinforce Your Front Lip Spoiler Or Rear Diffuser Which Then Alows To Eliminate The Turbulant Air And Create More Down-Force.