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Vibe Anti Sound Deadening Mats


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Vibe Anti Sound Deadening Mats

  • Top Quality
  • Easy To Fit
  • Better Sound
  • Lower Road Noise
  • Reduced Panel Rattle
  • Higher SPL
  • Size: 26.5cm x 37cm
  • Sold Each


Reduced Panel Rattle
Annoying Squeaks And Rattles Can Be Eliminated By Treating The Vehicle With Anti Vibe Mats. By Adding Anti Vibe Mats To The Panels In Your Vehicle You Will Increase The The Weight And Density of The Panel Making It Far Less Suscepitble To Flexing Which Means That The Rattle is Eliminated

Reduced Heat
Anti Vibe Features An Aluminium Layer That Is Specifically Designed To Reflect Heat. Your Cars Engine And Exhaust Produce Large Amounts Of Heat That Is Transferred Into The Cabin By The Metal Of the Floor Pan Anti Fire Wal. By Treating These Important Ares With Anti Vibe Mats You Will Reduce The Amount Of Heat Transferred Into The Passenger Compartment Which Will Allow Your Vehicle Air Conditioning To Operate More Efficiently

Better Sound
Treating Your Speaker Baffles With Anti Vibe Mats Will Greatly Improve The Sound Produced By The Speaker. A Treated Baffle Will Be Much More Stable Which Drastically Reduce Distortion. The Sound With Anti Vibe Mats Applied Will Be Noticeably Fuller In The Midbass Region Which Will Result In Improved Staging And System Dynamics

Lower Road Noise By Fully Treating Your Vehicle With Anti Vibe Mats You Can Reduce The Noise Floor By Up To 12 Decibels (dB). Every 3dB Gained Is Equivalent To Doubling Your Effective Amplifer Power.



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